Assessment, Installation, Service and Maintenance

Our licensed and accredited Security Advisors are trained in all facets of security system design, installation and maintenance. 

We are experienced in a wide range of security systems applications from basic intruder detection systems through to high-end security and surveillance systems including integrated access control using the latest innovations from:

  • Cardax
  • Concept
  • Challenger
  • Tecom
  • Biometric and Iris Scan
  • CCTV Cameras and analytical software
  • IP Megapixel Cameras
  • Audio/Visual System integration
  • Smoke Cloak
  • CCTV IPHONE integration
  • IP video web servers
  • Automated gates and turnstiles
  • People counting software
  • Full range of video analytics
  • Fully integrated access control systems with swipe, proximity, biometric scanning
  • Integrated IP video with accees control systems
  • Remote Vu systems

New Product: Smoke Cloak

  • Citywatch is proud to have a wide range of innovative products that can be used at client premises to further enhance the security integrity of their work areas and to secure valuable assets. 
    The latest of these is Smoke Cloak, a system that is connected to client’s intruder alarm system which, when sensing a break-in, will send a signal to the Smoke Cloak to activate. The heater element in the Smoke Cloak converts liquid glycerol (non toxic) into a dense artificial fog which is immediately spread throughout your premises. Within seconds the intruder is unable to see, extremely disorientated and is forced to leave your premises. This vapour and the use of the optional strobe, which increases the lack of visibility and disorientation by a factor of 3, enforcing the underlying rationale of the product that thieves can’t steal what they can’t see!