“The Citywatch Security solution is a fully managed service”

As part of the “end-to-end managed service”, Citywatch Security can install an integrated alarm and camera system to handle management and remote video monitoring, using both video and conventional motion detection depending upon the install environment and the budget of the client.

Our systems are capable of operating both fixed and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras offering the ability to search during and after an alarm event and for conducting remote video guard tours of the client premises.

In the event of an alarm activation being received by Citywatch ORCA operators, the event is confirmed using video surveillance and an urgent response then organized.

This includes calling after-hours client contacts, dispatching security patrols, and police where necessary.  This visual verification allows us to ensure the appropriate response is dispatched to effectively deal with the incident.

Citywatch Security offers state of the art monitoring services protecting people and property using highly trained operators with state of the art technology who respond to incidents around the clock. 

Responding to the ever increasing cost of providing quality security and safety solutions, Citywatch Security is proud of its new offerings which include video monitoring of client premises, remote video guard tours and incident response coordination services.

Our purpose built Operations and Response Coordination Centre (affectionately named ORCA) is capable of delivery video monitoring solutions and incident response coordination services.

This fully managed solution is both innovative and, an exciting development that will deliver great value for money ensuring a speedy return of investment.

Accordingly, we are able to monitor and respond through various systems providing:

  • Personal safety response in all emergencies
  • Video monitoring and remote guard tours of your premises
  • Pinpoint and track vehicles
  • Alarm Security monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking (GPS) – we use the latest GPS technology to pinpoint your vehicles wherever they may be.
  • Medical and aged care monitoring
  • Electronics system Help desk 24 hours,
    7 days a week
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